TPE PICKS 5 Iconic Fashion Movies: Quarantine & Chill

Whether you are a seasoned film buff or just switch on the tv and see what’s on type or maybe you just browse through whatever catches your fancy on Netflix at any given time.

As a bonafide fashion devotee, whatever your opinion on the world of entertainment might be, there are some movies you simply have to watch especially when you are at home and quarantined .


It’s a story of the renowned French Fashion designer and businesswoman Gabrielle Bonhuer’s life , she was an orphan and struggled to manage living and later redefined fashion globally through her brand COCO CHANEL.

SEX AND THE CITY( Movies 1 & 2 )

From Carrie Bradshaws Closet goals , Carrie's signature tutu , to Vivienne Westwood wedding dress, Sex and the city Hollywood movie might not be as expected as the series but it certainly inspires you to become a fashionista!

Let us know if your heart melts when Big proposes Carrie in her closet !


Meryl Streep who plays the powerful editor of Runway, the famous fashion magazine is a veiled caricature of Anna Wintour . This movie has everything showing what happens behind the scene in a big fashion magazine company .

And not to forget Anna Hathaway who plays the role of an assistant, her struggles and encounter with the devil! We are sure by now you’d know who’s the devil!


From T- straps shoes , Art Deco accessories to diamond studded headpiece worn by Daisy Buchanan, it displays an impressive fashion of the 1920's era where flamboyance & extravagance was women’s need to express themselves through their clothes, jewellery and more ..

Fun Fact : Brooks Brother supplied 1,200 suits, Miuccia Prada designed 40 dresses

Tiffany & co . The Great Gatsby collection will surely catch your eyes ! Do let us know what you think.


If you are looking for an iconic classic fashion inspiration or maybe just want to get a peek inside a totally different era , although the running time is 4 hours but it’s totally worth it .

From glittering gowns to the iconic “curtain dress”, the film's sumptuous costumes were designed by Walter Plunkett, who created over 5,000 pieces for the lavish production. Gone with the Wind is loved as much for its sweeping saga of a story as it is for its iconic fashion moments.

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