Brighten-up Self Isolation: Alexander McQueen Way

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Quarantine can make us lead to boredom and quite possibly in a state of being drowsy and dull . Before lockdown we all had so much to explore like visiting a new restaurant or an art exhibition that would brighten up our days.

But few International Designers like Alexander McQueen have come up with the idea of launching a new campaign to make sure we utilise this precious time at the comfort of our home wisely - by unlocking our creativity .

The New project: The initiative taken by the creators of McQueen will allow people and followers to unleash their creative side on the brand's social media channels by sharing their most loved garments, which will enable them to engage artistically.

The interested participants will upload their work of art online, using the hashtag #McQueenCreators. Among those whose artwork will stand out, inspire and engage the most will be shared across McQueen’s social media platforms .

Every week the brand’s team and collaborators will come up with a new concept which will allow the followers to get connected with them through a sequence of digital tutorials .

“We invite you to create a three dimensional flower using any material you can find in your own home” the label wrote in a post on their Instagram account.

Stay tuned for many more upcoming projects and be ready to flex your creative muscles.

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